Realive Equipped Youth Manual

Scrum Master and Developer

Realive Equipped Youth Manual
Progressive web application built with the static site generator Hugo, it's styled with UIkit and CSS and automatically deploys from GitHub.

About this project

The Equipped Youth Manual was developed for Realive Youth from July to November 2019 as part of my final project of my Diploma in Software Development at Techtorium NZIIT. It is an online manual for equipping Christian youth in their Christian lives by containing information on how they can share, explain, encourage and deepen their faith in God.


  • Responsive design
  • Easy to use interface
  • Articles, testimonies, Bible verses, videos, songs and podcasts
  • Content Management System
  • Filter different content types
  • Music playlist
  • Save and view posts later
  • Share posts with others
  • Search for content
  • Contact page and form


  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • UIkit
  • Hugo
  • Netlify
  • Git & GitHub